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Ryan and Hattie Wilkinson
Medfield, Massachusetts
First Wildwood Challenge: 1998

When Ryan Wilkinson's father told him he might be a bit too young to participate in the Pan-Mass challenge, the undeterred seven-year-old decided he would organize his own charity ride. A few month's later, in June 1998, Ryan and his sister Hattie led 14 neighborhood kids though 25 laps around the block. Their efforts netted $1,000 for the Pan-Mass Challenge. In 2004, 96 friends and classmates pedaled the course to raise $17,000; the Wildwood Challenge has generated over $50,000 in its first seven years. "My sister and I learned important lessons about charity, both at home and at church," says Ryan, who hopes to ride the PMC once he reaches the minimum age. "But there is a stereotype in these lessons, that only adults are capable of helping people. We started this event to show that kids can help people too."

"Try your hardest and bring a water bottle."

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