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John Webster
South Berthwick, Maine
First PMC: 1991

Twenty-five years ago, on home leave from sailing the world on Gulf Oil supertankers, John Webster happened upon an article about hydropower in a New England magazine. "I went down-town and saw a dam I'd seen hundreds of times," he recalls. "But this time I saw it differently." Today, twenty-five years and countless town meetings, mechanical, environmental, archaeological, and feasibility studies, state and federal licensing struggles, and bank negotiations later, Webster generates and sells electricity from five once-abandoned powerhouses to New Hampshire's public electric company. Still using largely original turbines and generators- Webster has added computerized control and monitoring systems- each hydro station can produce up to 5000kw per hour during soring high water- enough to power a small town.

"What I do is not complicated," says Webster. "You just have to do it every day." "I'm too stupid to give up."

Types of Photography I'm involved in:

Assignment Photography
Brochures Photography
Black & White Photography
Celebrity Photography
Commercial Photography
Corporate Photography
Creative Photography
Digital Photography
Digital Retouching
Editorial Photography
Environmental Portrait Photography
Fashion Photography
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Photo Illustration
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