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Stacey Lucchino
Brookline, Massachusetts
First PMC: 2002

Stacey Lucchino never minded moving as a child, and still enjoys it as an adult. "I've lived in a lot of places and loved all of them," says Lucchino, who most recently moved from San Diego to Boston in 2002 with her two children and husband Larry, President and CEO of the Red Sox. "But this town has it all." Along with her work fielding the many charitable requests batted towards the baseball club, Lucchino is active in myriad philanthropies including the women's homeless shelter Rosie's Place, the Friends of Women's Health at Boston Medical Center, and the United Way. "The currency of the Red Sox in Boston is so valuable," says Lucchino, a born organizer who confesses she still has difficulty asking people for money. "It can really make a huge difference."

"There's a place for everybody."

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